Innovation, determination and collaboration.

Lime Creations is a group of creative businesses linked by a single philosophy: our goal is to help our customers make more of their lives. 

We’re all about living life to the full. We’re an eclectic mix of businesses, linked together by one philosophy. All of our businesses represent this philosophy of helping our customers to make more of their lives, be it through safer travel, protecting their health, facing the world with confidence or having fun with friends!

We believe that you should always get good value for money, which is why we offer outstanding warranties and guarantees that exceed industry standards on all our products.

Our customers are at the centre of all the decisions we make and that’s why we love to hear from you. Our entire team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your purchase and will always go the extra mile out of our way to make things right.

We hope that your interaction with us, whether it’s asking advice or purchasing a product, will be enjoyable and will enhance your life in some way.

Now get out there and make the most of your life – you only get one shot!

Our Ethics and Values

We’re proud of our ethical values, including the rejection of animal by-products in our products, environmental considerations and CO2 emissions, working conditions and fair labour. We believe in transparency and want to share with you details of our core values and beliefs.

Sustainability, the environment, and ethics are at the heart of how we approach our work as a health-conscious company.

These values led to us becoming 100% vegan in all our products, and carbon neutral. These changes are just two steps that move us towards a more sustainable company and a brighter future.

Removing Animal Products

Not only is human health important to us here at Lime Creations but also the health of all animals and the planet. We have phased out all animal by-products from our range of products, switching to more ethical alternatives. Our brands only sell products that are vegan.

Lime Creations is against the use of animal products and testing on animals. We don’t endorse using rats or any animals to carry out scientific research or studies. We would strongly encourage the scientific and medical communities to cut the use of animals in such research and perform more studies with human subjects.

A large motivation for making our products vegan was to prevent animal suffering but also protect the environment. Farming cattle is incredibly resource intensive, when there are plenty of more sustainable alternatives to meat, leather, and other animal by-products. It is an ecologically devastating practice that is not compatible with a sustainable future for the planet.

We recommend the excellent documentary Cowspiracy for more information about the environmental and ethical impact of cattle farming and animal products.

Becoming CO2 Neutral

We believe the comprehensive science that shows climate change is real and a serious threat to our planet and its inhabitants. Our environment is fragile, precious, and at severe risk.

As a result we are working hard and urgently to reduce our carbon footprint in the manufacturing and transportation of our products. We are always reviewing our use of air freight, and using sea freight as an alternative where possible. We also look for the most sustainable methods possible for common business tasks like heating our offices, and the packaging we use.

As we can’t completely eradicate our carbon impact – not quite yet anyway – we work to neutralise our carbon footprint. We use carbon offsetting to make up that gap. This involves sponsoring the planting of new trees that will “breathe in” and neutralise the CO2 emissions caused by the business.

Carbon Offsets Purchased:

2017 – 5 tonnes – Download Certificate

2018 – 20 tonnes – Download Certificate

2019 – 40 tonnes – Download Certificate

2020 – 40 tonnes – Download Certificate

2021 – 5 tonnes – Download Certificate

Reasonable And Safe Working Conditions

Everyone must have the right to safe and reasonable working conditions. We work with all our manufacturers and suppliers so that everyone involved in Lime Creations products is fairly treated. We want everyone who develops, produces, manufactures, packages, and delivers our products to work in reasonable, safe, and fair conditions.

We are asking our suppliers to take the Fair Labor Association Code of Conduct as a minimum standard to work by.

International trade can play a vitally important part in alleviating poverty. Our products use parts from various countries in the developing world. We do our best to offer employment to those in most need and also to provide a fair and reasonable wage that is relative to living costs.

Fair Tax

Lime Creations is registered in the UK and commits to paying our full share of corporation tax.

Registered Office

Lime Creations Ltd
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden, London

[email protected]